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After thirteen year-old Alisha's failed attempt to end her life, she shared her moving story with filmmaker, Tiffany Gill. Stunned by  the revelation, Tiffany wanted to know what she could do to help.  Alisha's directive was clear: show me to something different.



" Too few stories connect the paths from black girlhood to womanhood - our joys, our pain, our pathway, and our rise. I believe this project  

will do just that..." 


- Sonia Sanchez 

Poet. Professor. Lecturer 


takes a raw and poignant look at the lives of remarkable teen

girls and their intertwined destinies as they battle against conflicting media and societal messages on their journey to self discovery. 



Written, Produced & Directed by Tiffany L. Gill 

Executive Producer S.Tia Brown 

Co-Producer Elecia S. James 

"As Black women and girls, our voices are virtually non-existent in the world - especially through major media sources. Thank you for creating this documentary so that we finally have a voice to speak for ourselves​..."

                                                             - Dr. Avis Jones- DeWeever,

                                                      President/CEO, Incite Unlimited  



"There are so many stereotypes in the media about Black girls that just aren't true. But the way to challenge them is to keep striving
and to always keep winning.
                                                                             - Brittney Reese,
                                                           2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

 "This important film will shed light on such a powerful subject - the invisibility, resilience, and brilliance of our girls..."


                                                                       - Leslie Cannon

                                                                         Chosen Media


"I applaud you for this powerful and necessary movement to inspire girls..." 

                                                                      - Ursula Burns,

                                 Chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation  

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