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We believe that our stories are our lifeline. That they have the power to heal, connect, empower and inspire.

We invite you to add your voice to the #BGUiNspires collection by sharing your own personal and powerful

story with us! 


Need ideas on what to share? It can be your life story, or a defining  moment in time. It can be about the time you felt powerless, the things you've overcome (or are still discovering!) or the day you uncovered your greatness. No matter your story, we believe it's fueling and would love to hear all about your journey. We call it #InspirationalEquity!


You can share your story via video and include the link below. Or you can snap a picture and write a post.  Simply complete the form below and get to sharing! Please review the Terms and Conditions below before submitting your video, text, or photo. 

**Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are only able to respond to your story if you have been accepted

for publication on the BGU website and its affiliates.**

(If under the age of 18)

Post Your Story (500 - 2000 characters)  

Post A Photo

Upload Photo

We reserve the right not to include your submission in our website, on social media, or other media for reasons that may include, but are not limited to, safety, privacy, legal and/or other reasons. By submitting your story/media content, you give Black Girls Unscripted the right to re-publish and distribute your work without restriction (including but not limited to this website, social media, and possible publication in a book). In submitting your article/media to Black Girls Unscripted you accept that you have read and understood our disclaimer. 

I have read the terms and conditions

I agree to the terms and conditions. I understand that if I am under the age of 18, parental consent is required prior to submisson. 

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