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Do You Know

A Special Girl Deserving of Celebration?


We know that Black girls are brilliant, beautiful, talented, and innovative. We also know that they often face unique circumstances that can make navigating through their daily lives difficult. So we're doing something special to remind them just how worthy, awesome and truly necessary they are!


Announcing the LIMITLESS HER contest!!! 

It's for girls ages 12-18 who are LIMITLESS -- full of power and potential, and steadily moving toward her goals despite the obstacles! The contest runs from October 20, 2021 through November 24, 2021. We're giving away a gift box to four lucky girls filled with: 

  • A $50 Amazon gift card

  • A one year subscription to Sesi Magazine

  • A hand stamped custom 'Limitless Her' bracelet

  • A Black Girls Unscripted journal 

  • A scented candle 


So if you know a deserving girl, please nominate them below. We want to pamper her with a little extra love and encouragement!


Winners will be announced on December 1, 2021!   

Here's Her Chance To Win!

Thanks for submitting!

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