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Girls are rarely provided with a platform to discuss issues of relevance to them. BGU Listening Sessions put hot button issues 

like bullying, dating violence, media/popular culture, education, health/fitness and social justice front and center to allow girls to vent, share perspectives and put forth tangible solutions to help address them.   

Listening to what girls have to say is the cornerstone of our success. We ask them what their lives are like, their fears and dreams, and what changes they'd like to see in their communities. We help them understand  how instrumental they are in sparking chage and with each session, we earn their trust and witness girls gain confidence, become more informed and empowered!  


Interested in having us host a listening session at your school, 

group or organization? Email us at


We've created a safe and unique space for dialogue between women and girls where we can share similar experiences, feel empowered, and collectively address issues that impact our overall well-being.”  


We're big on intergenerational storytelling and wisdom sharing. So we created Cupcakes & Converstaions - an event for women and girls to gather together to collectively discuss hot button issues, share life experiences, and exchange inspiring messages, all in a fun, welcoming, and informative environment. 

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