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We're 20,000+ Strong! 

Our Village 

Black Girls Unscripted is a growing village of women - young, old and becoming - passionate about our journey to empowerment, healing and intentional joy. We believe our daughters should take this journey with us and that it’s our job to inspire them to step up, believe in themselves, and walk tall with confidence and purpose. Here we share everything from our stories of resiliance, to mothering tips, to our grandmother's famous recipes!


Our mission is to uplift (aka brag about!) one another and we utilize storytelling to accomplish this. We curate stories that highlight our brilliance, beauty, courage and resiliance. Our stories take on many forms - through personal narratives and art, to dance and activism. So whether you're a mom, educator or leader working hard to transform communitiy,  or an entertainer, politician or CEO trailblazing new paths, there is a place for you here!  

When you join the Black Girls Unscripted tribe, you’ll become part of an AMAZING community (imagine having a 20,000 plus cheering squad behind you!). Our space is safe, authentic and welcoming - a place where you can be yourself and feel loved, encouraged and inspired. There's no special requirement to join us - just follow us on Facebook or Twitter (be sure to use #GirlUnscripted) and you're in! 


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